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Through our Media Center, you can find the latest stories and industry insights, put together by our expert team.

Using our experience across a broad range of sectors, our Media Center has been designed to give you not only the latest news, but also in-depth analysis and comment from people at the very heart of the construction and marine industries.

We hope this free resource will help you to better understand our values and experience, as well as helping to keep you in the loop.

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Jeddah Central Development

MBL – Modern Building Leaders has signed a development contract with the Jeddah Central Development Company (JCDC) to complete marine construction and site preparation for the new Jeddah..

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New Partnership

MBL – Modern Building Leaders will form a strategic alliance with US-firm, Railton Entertainment Design,to deliver entertainment and theme park projects across Saudi Arabia.

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Trackside in Jeddah

As a lifelong motorsport fan, attending the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was a big moment for me. It was actually the first time I had attended a live Formula 1 race and, as a relative newcomer to the Kingdom, I was excited to see what...

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