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Jeddah Central Development

MBL – Modern Building Leaders has signed a development contract with the Jeddah Central Development Company (JCDC) to complete marine construction and site preparation for the new Jeddah Central Development.

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25 May 2022 - MBL has signed a contract with the Jeddah Central Development Company (JCDC), a wholly-owned Public Investment Fund (PIF) company, to provide construction and infrastructure services. The Jeddah-based construction contractor, which has taken a leading role in a number of public and private sector projects across the Kingdom, will play a major role in the construction of the new Jeddah Central development.

The Jeddah Central development has been designed to maintain and enhance the city’s coastal and marine sites, and will include a 9.5km shoreline, 2.1km of sandy beaches, and a world-class marina.

Four major landmarks will be constructed; a museum, opera house, stadium and oceanarium, while 10 other recreational and tourist areas will be built in the same area. 17,000 housing units and hotels providing over 3,000 rooms will also be included.

The project will consist of three main phases, and MBL will be heavily involved,completing the project’s infrastructure and marine works, including the demolition of nearly 400 buildings within the city’s existing infrastructure.The first phase of the project will also see the redirection of water, electric and waste management infrastructure.

Dredging works for a new international-standard marina, including the sustainable backfilling of an estimated 4 million cubic meters of drilled material, will be completed by MBL. Sea berths spanning 2.5km will be built, along with floating berths in the marina itself. As part of the development, the city’s public and private beaches will also be outfitted with new facilities.

In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiative, the project will help to enhance the quality of life for residents, while offering greater economic opportunity, and creating a vibrant society for visitors and residents of the Red Sea coast.

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