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We aim to be distinguished for pioneering in sustainable construction and utilizing the latest technologies and innovative solutions to increase our efficiency and minimize our negative environmental footprint.

We balance between the three pillars of sustainability: Social, Environmental, and Economic in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030 as well as global sustainability standards and measures (ESGs, SDGs, GRIs).

We define our sustainability opportunities by

assessing our impacts across our business culture, value chain, and operation processes.




MBL’s approach to sustainability is holistic and balanced.



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Sustainability Goal

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MBL pioneering in Sustainable Construction



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Sustainability Journey




Sustainability Streams


•Building the right governance to oversee sustainability implementation and review progress

•Fixing regulations and policies to reflect sustainability standards

•Periodic audit on KPIs and reports.


Innovation and partnerships

•Adopting innovative solutions and advanced technologies to advance sustainable construction

•Build partnership network with SMEs, research centers, universities, and other parties to escalate the sustainability agenda

•UNGC membership.

People and Culture

•Raising awareness and improving internal adaptation of sustainable practices

•Infusing corporate culture with sustainability to evolve the knowledge and encourage engagement in innovative thinking of sustainable practices

•Participating in community engaging sustainability events and activities.

Projects and operations

•Defining sustainability impacts across the value chain

•Setting sustainability KPIs for each project

•Instilling sustainability measures from design to project end

•Get industry relevant certifications (LEED, BREEM, Green Globes, WELL, Parksmart, Energy Star).


Our vision is to be amongst the top 5 global leaders of sustainability practices in the construction industry while leveraging ways to implement innovative sustainable solutions.   


Our mission is to elevate the sustainability scheme in the Saudi Construction Industry in order to contribute to Saudi 2030 vision, and achieve local and global recognition for our sustainable practices.

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Governance Structure


Sustainability Committee

To review plans and discuss

company progress

throughout the year.


To transparently report progress on sustainability, use their academic data, utilize courses for awareness, and align on global programs & events.



Business Development

Operations/Project Management

Human Resources



Assessment Strategy

Identify & prioritize material ESG issues across:

Operational & Cultural topics: GRIs, Vision 2030, SDGs.

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ESG Topics to be considered

Evaluation across Environmental, Social, and Governance parameters to identify areas of reporting.  

GRIs Matrix

(Global Reporting Initiative)

To assess current status and potential improvement areas of sustainability implementation to define relevant reporting material topics of GRIs.

KSA Vision 2030 Targets

Scan vision 2030 targets and align with relevant target areas.

SDGs Matrix

(Sustainable Development Goals)

Complete value chain assessment to allocate areas of impact and report on relevant SDGs.

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Vision 2030


Saudi Arabia has set a series of ambitious goals as part of its 2030 Vision program. Innovation is at the heart of our values, and we are proud to be supporting the Kingdom’s goals for sustainability, and creation of jobs and opportunities for Saudi citizens.

We are engaging with clients and are involved with some of the most prominent giga projects associated with the 2030 vision initiative. These projects aim to grow and diversify the Saudi Arabian economy, and MBL are at the heart of creating the structures and spaces that will make this vision a reality, creating a range of opportunities for talent in the years ahead.

This 2030 vision initiative looks to grow the Saudi economy and help the Kingdom to develop its standing on the global stage, and MBL are working hard to help to achieve these goals.

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