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As a lifelong motorsport fan, attending the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was a big moment for me. It was actually the first time I had attended a live Formula 1 race and, as a relative newcomer to the Kingdom, I was excited to see what Jeddah made of F1 and vice versa.

The race in Jeddah would turn out to be the most dramatic of 2021, so I definitely wasn’t disappointed. It was also exciting to see the city of Jeddah so thrilled by the arrival of one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

In the UK, motorsport is big business, with seven of the 10 F1 teams based there, and a whole range of venues across the country.

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As an employee of MBL, I was doubly pleased, as the company played a significant role in constructing the supporting infrastructure for the circuit, which will not only serve races in the future, but also serve the residents of Jeddah 365 days a year.

Looking to the future, I hope that F1 visiting the Kingdom will be the start of something much bigger. It opens up a whole host of opportunities for hosting even more events which, for the construction industry, only means more growth.

For the people of Saudi Arabia, it could inspire them to follow in the footsteps of some of those involved in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix; either by becoming a driver, or even an engineer or official. Motorsport can act as means of inspiration, and the events of December could be the start of a whole new industry in the Kingdom.

While the residents of the Kingdom have already got to enjoy Formula E and the Dakar Rally, the arrival of Formula 1 seemed to cause a real stir.

As a big advocate of motorsport and all the positives it can bring; exciting people about engineering and creating a range of jobs and other benefits, as well as on-track action, it was fantastic to see the excitement among fans, and the way the city embraced and celebrated the racing, the teams and the drivers.

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Jon Scoltock

PR & Communications Manager, MBL

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