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New Partnership

MBL – Modern Building Leaders will form a strategic alliance with US-firm, Railton Entertainment Design, to deliver entertainment and theme park projects across Saudi Arabia.

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24 May 2022 - Jeddah-based construction contractor, MBL, which has taken a leading role in a number of public and private sector projects across the Kingdom, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Los-Angeles based Railton Entertainment Design (RED). RED is a global leader in entertainment design and production for theme parks and experiences, providing master planning, concept design through detailed design, and project management services. With its experience of delivering large and complex construction projects, along with expertise in design, engineering and logistics, MBL is proud to announce its strategic partnership with this world-leading organization.

The partnership with allow both businesses to come together to provide theme park and entertainment design, as well as turnkey construction services for projects across Saudi Arabia, helping to deliver on the ambitions of the Vision 2030 initiative.

“With the expected growth in the entertainment sector, MBL’s partnership with Railton Entertainment Design will allow both businesses to leverage their significant experience for the benefit of people across Saudi Arabia,” noted Mohamed Elkhouly, Business Development at MBL.

“MBL has many strategic partnerships to provide a vast network to boost production capacity in providing turnkey delivery.  We are exceptionally proud that Jeremy Railton and Scott Ault of Railton Entertainment Design has agreed to be our exclusive entertainment design partner,” states Tareq Telmesani, Chief Executive Officer of MBL.

Jeremy Railton, Senior Partner of Railton Entertainment Design remarks, “There are many projects planned in the Saudi region under the Vision 2030 initiative that will need the firepower that both RED and MBL provide.  Together we are stronger.  It is important that our Saudi clients know that we are committed to the region in partnering with industry leader MBL to fulfill the projects that we envision and design.” 

About Railton Entertainment Design:

Railton Entertainment Design (RED), located in Los Angeles, is the preeminent themed entertainment design and production company helmed by legendary designer Jeremy Railton and industry veteran Scott Ault, known for bringing conceptualization of iconic, theatrical, spectacular wow’s to life for theme parks, attractions, retail, LBE, IP’s and live shows.  More at

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