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Location: Jeddah
Client: Sela Sports Company
Consultant: ACEC
Project Duration: 6 months
Building Area: 87,000
Completed: December 2021



Saudi Arabia hosted the Formula 1 World Championship for the first time in December 2021, with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix taking place on a new street circuit created in the Corniche area of the city, overlooking the beautiful Red Sea coast.

Jeddah Marina was created to not only serve the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, but to boost local tourism and offer the city a world-class marina facility.

1,000,000     of material was dredged in order for the marina to be constructed, and a 1,400m quay wall built to allow yachts of up to 120m in length to be accommodated.

Additional floating docks, pontoons and a slipway were also added.

In addition to the construction of the marina itself, MBL fully furnished it with supporting buildings and all of the required facilities and infrastructure.

Constructed in just six months, this iconic new feature for the Jeddah waterfront area will facilitate tourism and serve residents long into the future.



WhatsApp Image 2022-02-16 at 4.20.34 PM (2).jpeg


Location: Jeddah
Client: Sela Sports Company
Consultant: ACEC
Project Duration: 4 months
Completed: December 2021

As part of the construction of the new Jeddah Marina, MBL was also contracted to construct a luxurious new facility for the Jeddah Yacht Club.

In just four months, a five-story, 72m high club building was constructed, with its stunning steel cap creating a unique landmark for the Kingdom’s second city.

The fourth floor houses a control room, while the rest of the building features a restaurant, VIP lounge, business center, gym and spa.

The fifth floor features a unique sky bar, where members can look out across the marina and take in views of the city.

A beach club with indoor restaurant, infinity pool and decking offers guests an additional place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Red Sea coastline.

Jeddah Yacht Club features high levels of safety, security and environmental practices, making it the first green marina in the Red Sea to be accredited by top international associations.



Location: Jeddah
Client: Sela Sports Company and Saudi Ministry of Sport
Consultant: ACEC

Project Duration: 4 months
Completed: December 2021

The prestigious Formula 1 World Championship visited Saudi Arabia for the first time in December 2021, with the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix taking place on a uniquely challenging street circuit.

Jeddah is the Kingdom’s second city, and the new circuit was created in the Corniche area of the city, which overlooks the beautiful Red Sea coast.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is the longest and fastest street circuit on the Formula 1 calendar, with cars reaching an average speed of over 250km/h as they battle around the streets of this vibrant city.

As part of the circuit construction, the Jeddah waterfront area underwent significant development, and MBL undertook the construction of a new promenade and recreational area.

A new, 3km section of promenade was constructed, including tidal stairs that allow visitors to get even closer to the beautiful Red Sea. The scope of the project included both soft and hard landscaping, as well as infrastructure works.

28 buildings were created to offer fine and casual dining, as well as coffee shops and public amenities. All of this work was completed in just four months.

Sculptures and other art installations come together with the new promenade to create an attractive space that residents and visitors will enjoy for years to come.


NEOM Sindalah Island

Location: Jeddah
Consultant: MACE
Project Duration: 8 months
Completed: March 2020

The luxurious Sindalah Island resort forms part of the NEOM project, and enjoys stunning views of the Red Sea.

MBL conducted marine works for the project, dredging the area and constructing jetties in addition to external soft landscaping and hardscaping.

Infrastructure works and resort building construction completed the project.


Mughaider Mosque

Location: Diriyah
Consultant: Saudi Diyar
Project Duration: 5 months
Completed: November 2021

MBL were contracted to design and build a grand mosque in Diriyah in the Najdi style of architecture that is characteristic of central Saudi Arabia.

The project scope included infrastructure works, external landscape and hardscaping, before constructing the mosque buildings.

Worker’s accommodation was also constructed, along with a residence for the Imam.



Location: Riyadh
Consultant: Dar Alhandasa
Project Duration: 3 months
Completed: TBC

MBL were commissioned to design and constructed a leisure complex as part of the expansion of the Boulevard Riyadh City for Riyadh Season 2021.

The scope of the project included infrastructure works, landscaping and hardscaping, along with the construction of eight fine-dining restaurants, and indoor entertainment venues.

Location: Riyadh
Consultant: Dar Alomran
Project Duration: 8 months
Building Area: 76,000
Estimated Completion: TBC




Part of Riyadh Season 2021, the Via Riyadh zone is designed to showcase the best in luxury lifestyle in the Kingdom.

MBL has been contracted to design and construct a number of elements for this luxurious, mixed-use complex.

The main element of the project is the new Saint Regis Hotel – a luxury 110-room hotel designed to accommodate guests as they enjoy the local attractions.

In addition to the hotel, MBL are also constructing a range of premium retail units and fine-dining restaurants.


World Defense Show

Location: Riyadh
Consultant: Saudi Architects
Project Duration: 7 months
Building Area: 55,000
Completed: March 2022



MBL is undertaking construction of the venue for the 2022 World Defense Show, which is expected to host more than 30,000 visitors.

The project scope includes construction of the facilities to accommodate all elements of the military industry exhibition.

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